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The ski sin with top gliding characteristics for experts

The PALÜ ski skins are our leading product. They glide perfectly thanks to its 100% natural fi bre – especially on fresh, dry, and cold snow. The wear and tear on hard, icy snow is slightly higher. When not in use, we use a special net to protect the hotmelt adhesive coating.
We recommend PALÜ for long ski tours, Alpine tours, and touring experiences lasting several days. It is suitable for sports tourers, for whom gliding is important.

Ski skins PALÜ Crystal - configure for your ski


We deliver the ski skins perfectly cut to your ski model. This within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You can also order them from your sports dealer in the region.

## PRODUCT DETAILS | Material | 100% Mohair | | | - | | | | Skin Colour | Anthrazite | | | Adhesion | Hotmelt blue | | | Weight | 103,5 gram (Skin 60mm x 150cm) | |
## CHARACTERISTIC | Grip | Good Grip with all snow conditions | | | - | | | | Glide | Excellent gliding characteristics | | | Handling | Use of protective netting | | | Touring Type | High-Alpin Tourer and Pro | |

Ski skin structure

1. Fibre pile + basic fabric 2. Colltex Edge 3. Waterproof laminate 4. Backing material 5. colltex hotmelt adhesion

Custom-made or cut to size yourself

CAD cut to desired ski model, Front fixation: EVO, End fixation: camlock
CAD cut to desired ski model, Front fixation: EVO, End fixation: camlock
To cut yourself, End fixation not mounted, Front fixation: EVO, End fixation: camlock
Lengths: 160/170/180, width: 35-90mm, Front fixation: div. End fixation: none

Good to know

**Better gliding characteristics** *Apply express universal wax or skin+ski wax in in the direction of the pile before the start of each trip* **Prevent snow build-up** *Use universal wax or skin+ski wax to prevent snow build-up in case of changing snow temperatures* **Great cold** *Warm the ski skins under your touring jacket. Keep the ski surface clean and dry. Firmly press the ski skins onto the ski surface* **Ski skins do not adhere** *Use the quicktex adhesive pads for emergency help*
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